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Construction Loan Houston

We are one of the few companies in Houston who provide loans for the construction of your new property, or for the reconstruction of your existing property. Our team will help you in getting one - time, or a two - time loan for the construction requirement. As construction loans are special types of loans, it is always advisable availing these loans from experienced and certified companies, like us. You can avail loan for the construction of your property from the grass root level, or you can even remodel your existing property by availing our loan.

Types of construction loan we offer:

  • Depending upon your requirement, and the target that you have in mind we offer our customers two types of Construction Loan Houston.
  • In the onetime closure, we disburse the loan to the customer as per the progress in the construction takes place.
  • When the building is under construction, you will have to pay only the interest that is generated on the outstanding amount.
  • As soon the construction is complete then the builder will pay the normal interest as per the contract.
  • In the two time close, the rest of the process is the same, but after the completion, our team will search for a loan with a better rate of interest.

The benefits of availing loan from Construction Loan are immense as we provide loan for any type of construction, whether it is for personal use or commercial use. We will just check if you will be able to repay the loan, and sanction the loan amount to you. Get in touch with us to get the details of our different loan policies.

For more information about Construction Loans, please feel free to contact us. A VA Loan Specialist will be waiting to help you.

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