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VA Loan Programs Houston is designed to help borrowers and their families to find a secure life, when it comes to housing needs. We have numerous loan programs targeted at two of the most important things in your life, education and the right to own a home.

VA Loan Programs Houston provides low-interest loans that help veterans finance the costs of postsecondary education. Veterans can receive Perkins Loans from any one of approximately 1,800 participating postsecondary institutions. Financial aid administrators and participating institutions have substantial flexibility in determining the amount of Perkins Loans that can be awarded to veterans. Borrowers who undertake public, military, or teaching service are also eligible to have all or part of their loans cancelled.

We also have loan programs Houston devoted to making your home energy efficient. Our low-interest loans are unsecured, and do not require a lien on the property. Our loans can cover the following costs:

  • Installation of a new energy-efficient air conditioner or heat pump
  • Additional attic insulation
  • Repairs of leaking AC ducts
  • Caulking around plumbing under sinks
  • Weather-stripping around doors
  • Installation of Low-E glass, solar screens, or window film
  • Installation of attic radiant barrier reflective material

Criterions To Be Met For Home Energy Efficiency Loan Programs Houston criterions:

  • Single-family home, condominium, or town home
  • Duplex
  • Rental property

Mobile and manufactured homes are not eligible for Home Energy Efficiency Loan Programs Houston.

For more information about VA Loans, please feel free to contact us today. A VA Loan Specialist will be waiting to help you.

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