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We are a money lender Houston offering short-term, private lender loans to real estate investors. We have built up years of experience as real estate investors ourselves, rehabbing homes throughout the area.

As a money lender Houston, we can provide interim financing throughout the rehab process that so many of our clients take part in. From buying, fixing, and selling to refinancing in order to rent out the property and build up equity, we are there every step of the way to lend our expertise and funds.

We are a Money Lender Houston known for our speed and lack of red tape – things that aren’t so easily found in banks.

Among the other benefits of our services as a money lender Houston are the following:

  • Investment knowledge – again, something that isn’t so easily found in banks, as we possess highly specialized experience and knowledge.
  • Funding amounts
  • Flexibility – we are faster, more flexible, and more personalized than traditional banks are.
  • Trustworthiness

Overall, real estate investors will find that our services as a hard money lender are the very best and most convenient option – definitely better than any traditional bank!

Call us today, and see for yourself why we are the premier money lender Houston in the entire area.

For more information about Money Lenders Loans please don't hesitate to contact us today. A VA Loan Houston Specialist will be waiting to help you. Call Us: 713-364-8913

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